Mayor Villaraigosa on fighting LA traffic

In case you missed it, here’s Warren’s interview with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on last night’s “Which Way, L.A.?” He explains his 30/10 initiative – essentially an effort to accelerate 30 years of transit projects into 10 years. The mayor says the program is a “game changer,” and is critical for our roads and our nation. He also talks about attracting business to Los Angeles and how much time he has spent on being chairman of the Democratic convention (none, so far).¬† However, here’s the part of the conversation that may matter most to you as you slog through rush hour traffic:

Warren Olney: But traffic in Los Angeles, with all due respect, is worse than when you started?

Mayor Villaraigosa: Well, and what we’ve done is we’ve stopped construction during the rush hour, we’ve installed 475 left hand turned signals, we’ve synchronized about 92 percent of our traffic lights, and we passed Measure R , a $42 million¬† investment to invest in public transportation and repair our roads and our highways. And importantly [there’s] Measure R. This year we’ll be opening the Exposition Line – in the next couple of months… You’re right we do have a lot of traffic and you can blame it on me, but I tell you we’ve also done something about it.

Listen to the full interview below: