Radio on TV: Is ‘Next Caller Please’ the next ‘WKRP’?

Meet Collette Wolfe.  She’s an actress (you might have seen her in “Hot Tub Time Machine”) and she just got a big break: she’s about to c0-star in an NBC pilot called, “Next Caller Please,” alongside comedian Dane Cook.

And if the show takes off, we can say we knew her when. Collette came into the studio Monday during All Things Considered to “shadow” us and see what a real radio station is like.  And then watched maestro Warren Olney and crew in action the next day.

Wolfe says the plot goes like this: her character is a popular feminist blogger and podcaster hired at a satellite radio show.  (Shades of Rachel Maddow?) Cook plays her misogynist co-host, who’s not too happy about having to share the mic with a woman.

She had lots of smart questions as she observed Kajon Cermak working the board and sifting through the traffic reports. (Kajon is a whirl of energy, and brings a lot of her theatrical background to her work at KCRW, too.)  Then Wolfe came over to the other side of the studio and watched me wading through the stack of printed scripts that becomes the news.  It’s always nice to have a curious visitor study your work.

Ever since I showed up at KCRW about six months ago, I’ve said each day that the place could be the backdrop of a sit-com. I hope “Next Caller Please” is as amusing as our real radio station is.

Here’s what she had to say on Twitter:

Just watched broadcast journalist Warren Olney host @ToThePoint_KCRW. THANKS Karen Radziner producer for letting me sit in. #loveKCRW