Stress and driving: ‘Love Lost on the 405’

When the Rodney King Riot broke out in 1992, Kai Ma was a teenager in LA with extended family in Koreatown. She was politicized by her community’s devastation  into becoming a writer and, more recently, a filmmaker. You can see a short movie that she wrote and starred in here (click on Love Lost on the 405). This film, about LA and traffic congestion as a metaphor for failed love explores a feature of LA life that can cause tremendous stress: driving on the 405 (see Ma in a still from movie, right). Coincidentally, it was featured in Rethink LA, an optimistic exhibit about ideas for a future Los Angeles, that was discussed last year on DnA. Kai Ma joined Warren last week during our LA Riots anniversary coverage. Read more over on the DnA blog.