Living next to Whitey Bulger

Mugshots of James Bulger and Catherine Greig, US Marshals Service

Remember that sweet old guy in Apt. 303? Well he was picked up for murder and racketeering…

It’s been a year since FBI agents swooped down on brutal Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger and his lady friend, Catherine Greig in Santa Monica. They’d led a quiet life there since going on the lam back in 1995. Writer Gideon Brower (and KCRW freelance producer) happened to live across the street from the apartment where they passed their days as retirees named Charlie and Carol Gasko. After the arrest, Gideon spoke to their neighbors about Charlie and Carol. How did the legendary Bulger, now awaiting trial for 19 murders plus racketeering, and Greig go about remaking themselves as two completely unremarkable people? And how much do any of us really want to know about our neighbors, anyway? You can find out more about this story at the UnFictional website.

Neighbor Catalina Schlank
Press reporting outside of the apartment building where Whitey was found