Opening minds by closing eyes, or, the Meditating MBAs

A couple weeks ago I had the good fortune to spend the day out in beautiful Claremont, California, where I got to see a rock star professor in action, opening the minds of his pupils by closing their eyes.  Jeremy Hunter is frequently chosen as the most popular professor at the Drucker School of Management, and after sitting through two of his classes, I could see why.  He’s not only charming and engaging, he not only shares his personal story–about the kidney disease that lead to his need for a transplant–but he’s telling people something they clearly are relieved, and perhaps eager, to hear: Slow down.

Now, it may seem counterintuitive that a bunch of people with an eye on the world of hard-core capitalism would want to take a class–given the price of tuition, too–where they’re taught the inherent values of silence. Where they’re given scientific evidence of the importance of life-work balance. Where they basically have to learn to sit still and be silent as a major part of their homework!  But the daytime class was packed, and the executive MBA class wasn’t shabbily sized, either, and in neither could you hear a pin drop–as Hunter explained how his medical issues led him to become immersed in meditation techniques, and how he’s not naturally wired to sit still himself, how people who seem to have it all frequently confess how miserable they are being on the treadmill of earn/consume/earn/consume.


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    Apr 13, 2015, 3:53 am

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    Aug 04, 2014, 1:44 pm

    People have been doing this for 1000's of years - must be some truth to it! Business Analyst Consulting Services

  • It was a real pleasure to have Lisa visit our classes at the Drucker School!

    I started teaching these courses over a decade ago because I realized how rare it was (and still is…) to train executives to manage themselves. Business schools are great at teaching the technical aspects of management but leave leaders ill-equipped to deal with the challenging realities of their working lives. The Drucker School is different. We teach a manager to manage themselves before they manage anything else.

    The realities of working today mean that responsible people are more pressured to perform than ever. So, the first topic we address is learning to manage an overtaxed nervous system This is where a meditation practice plays an important role. For years, research has shown that cultivating high-quality attention (which is what meditation does) helps you with just about everything else.

    Without learning to simply calm down, it becomes harder to do any of the more complex skills we learn in class, like how to manage emotional reactions, how to focus in a distracting workplace, how to collaborate more effectively, or deal with a difficult boss.

    My students learn to develop new habits of mind, heart and action to create new possibilities for themselves, their teams, their organizations and very often their families and loved ones. By learning how to see and interact with the world in a more mindful way, they create solutions to issues they previously thought unsolvable and open up opportunities they hadn't before imagined.

    Jeremy Hunter
    Peter F. Drucker School of Management

    • Doris Cope

      Hey Jeremy:

      We will be moving to a new building in early December. You'd be proud to know meditation space is part of the new building.Who said the US Corps of Engineers is a staid ineffectual organization?
      It would be great to do a series in Seattle. It would be especially helpful during winter when it rains almost daily and depression rates can be so high. Would you consider sharing your current bibliography? Or would you recommend some current reading material? This year was tremendously stressful and believe me I

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  • Thank you for the Audio! It's greate to learn that Mindfulness is on its way out in the world. When I started 20 years ago we were kind of weird doing what we did. Luckily today it is much mor common and accepted, maybe because of thia 'scientific' approach.

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  • Education is backbone of nation without education a nation is involved in ignorance, only education can remove the darkness thus day by day has come out various type of education. Meditation, yoga practice etc are the part of education and effective to open our mind and remove our disease. I highly appreciate of the meditating MBAs program.

  • Meditation is now being taught at Harvard!

    I teach meditation and also conduct hypnotherapy sessions at the end of my meditation courses to help keep my students meditating…

    Learn How to Meditate

  • Congratulations…

  • Gyna

    You mean people working for Google are stressed too?

  • nu credeam vreodata ca oamenii care lucreaza la Google sa fie stresati..mai degraba sunt fericiti pentru ca castiga o gramada de bani

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  • I am working in a cleaning company and would like to continue my studies further to have a high degree. I am planning to go for MBA…! Well meditation is very good and if applied in studies then it would be a great combination.

  • Doing meditation sometimes is not an easy thing, especially when our emotions are not stable. But that's the point to restore our inner peace.

  • People have been doing this for 1000's of years – must be some truth to it! Business Analyst Consulting Services

  • very good information,
    with this I can learn more about what you share

    peluang usaha