Measure J: Should the county’s transportation tax get a 30-year extension?

In 2008, Measure R appeared on the ballot for LA County voters. The measure raised LA County’s sales tax one half cent — from 8.25 cents on the dollar to 8.75 cents — for 30 years, until 2039, to pay for rail, bus, and roadway projects across the county.

Because it was a tax increase, the measure had to be approved by at least two-thirds of the voters, or 66.67 percent.

It passed with 67.22 percent of the vote.

On November 6, LA County voters will vote on Measure J, which, if passed, will continue Measure R’s half cent sales tax for another 30 years, until 2069.

To help listeners decide whether that’s a good idea or a bad idea, “Which Way L.A.?” hosted a debate on October 18 between LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, a strong proponent of the Measure, and Sunyoung Yang of the Bus Riders’ Union, which opposes it.

Find additional information about Measure J on Metro’s website, and the YES and NO campaign pages. And listen to our debate, here: