Poll finds Garcetti has edge over Greuel in LA mayor’s race

Eric Garcetti (L) and Wendy Greuel (R) celebrate after winning a place in the May mayoral election.
Eric Garcetti (L) and Wendy Greuel (R) celebrate after winning a place in the May mayoral election.

There’s a new poll out in the Los Angeles mayor’s race. The USC Price/Los Angeles Times survey shows City Councilman Eric Garcetti leading City Controller Wendy Greuel 50 to 40 percent,  with 10 percent still undecided.

The poll also uncovers some interesting nuggets in the race, and maybe some troubling signs for the Greuel campaign.

Greuel says she’s unfazed by the new poll, and that her campaign is just getting ramped up.

“When we get our message out there, when we have our mail and TV and we have the outreach, we’re going to win this race,” Greuel told KCRW.

The poll finds Greuel trailing Garcetti among men, women and Latinos. She does hold an edge with African-Americans.

KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis spoke with Dan Schnur from USC and Kevin Roderick from LA Observed about the latest in the mayor’s race.


  1. Awex Ather
    Nov 15, 2014, 7:50 am

    I have not read though watch the "Story of Venice" but im looking forward to know the story behind.

  2. wywóz gruzu wrocław
    Apr 01, 2014, 7:07 am

    Electoral race resembles a prehistoric battle for the fire. Each of the contestants will do anything to win. Pathetic ...

  • Maria

    Garcetti..Confronted at a debate (NBC) for the first time about bad leadership!
    LaBonge probably had to put the highly Millennium/Argent Ventures
    funded Garcetti in a stranglehold to get him to oppose Millennium
    He denied Millennium projects existence at debates as they were going
    through various stages (planning commissioner hearings) and being
    APPROVED. He refused to listen to anyone (same story with the way he
    handled his high density Hollywood Community Plan that accommodates
    these massive monster projects) He GOES INTO HIDING, refuses to see or
    talk to or respond to the peasants that voted for him, also denied the
    HCP existed to the press , as that was being passed at every level..and
    waits til they get to City Council for vote then gets HIS things
    passed. That's his M.O. THIS TIME with Millennium he could not get away
    with this disfunctional devious secretive behavior as most of LA came
    out against the projects LaBonge probably told him he better COME OUT
    AND DEAL WITH THIS MESS..or he will lose too many votes. These are HIS
    BABIES..His and Villaraigosa's SKEWED vision for Hollywood. He and
    Villaraigosa SOLD HOLLYWOOD TO MILLENNIUM.. Why do you think city
    planning left out Cahuenga to Vine FROM the new Hollywood Community
    Plan with regards to any height restrictions? They cleverly reserved
    those streets for this developer.. a neat hat trick. HOLLYWOOD STREETS
    will be interesting to see now, how GARCETTI deals with this sticky
    situation. Aarons is like his BOSS. He is anything BUT the 'independent
    candidate'..Aarons also chairs The Hollywood Cap Park that Garcetti
    got city council to fork over a ton of money for. Garcetti works for
    Aarons and now lies he is against his projects? And has to tell him his
    projects are too massive?? I doubt it!
    Aarons said if he can't get what he wants he won't build.. Is he
    holding city council hostage to his demands?
    Does Villaraigosa really want those remaining after he is long gone to
    deal with this massive mess?
    Shame on him!
    Garcetti deserves this. His despicable and inexcusable neglect of
    Hollywood communities, ignoring and dismissing them, so they had to get
    attorneys and sue his Hollywood Community Plan and Appeal Millennium
    decisions, and Millennium Litigation..as he sat by stone silent
    ignoring everyone, and waiting for it to go to city council so he can
    just get it passed.. SHAME ON HIM!! THIS IS NOT A LEADER! It is now
    biting him in his butt. At the NBC debate the other night he was
    confronted (FINALLY!!!) about waiting too long to oppose(lack of
    LEADERSHIP!)..Came out and 'opposed' On the DAY OF THE PLANNING
    APPROVED!!)….and HE LIED ( He is very good at LIEING) that he was
    always against the Millennium Heights..OH NO HE WAS NOT !. The
    questioner pressed him on and on.. why oppose the very day of the
    planning commissioner hearing.. where has he been??why did he not get
    them to oppose?..Fact of the matter is he always thought he was just
    going to as usual, go into hiding, ignore everyone, and then get them
    approved. The questioner at the debate ( from KPCC,) was the FIRST EVER
    to not let him off the hook, and Garcetti is NOT USED to not being let
    off the hook. He has slipped away from so many, dismissing questions
    about Millennnium at previous debates, with a wave of his hand.. This
    AND NOT COMING OUT ABOUT THEM UNTIL TOO LATE.. and so he lied again..
    Hollywoodians have had enough of Eric Garcetti! He has ruined
    Hollywood and left it in utter chaos. If anyone thinks THIS IS GOOD
    LEADERSHIP and votes for him they are NUTS!
    The fact that the rest of city council supports him is proof it will
    just be the same old same old,corrupt you do for me and I'll do for
    you, behind closed door dealings and pay backs, and nothing will get
    better for LA..He's the rottonest of the rotton apples, they will all
    continue 'enabling' his shameful behavior, as they always have, and he
    will stink up the rest of the city, the way he has Hollywood….
    And this is beyond sad..it is criminal!
    The REAL Garcetti, the dishonest, phony, controlling, lieing, NON
    TRANSPARENT, manipulating lousy NON leader Garcetti, who does what HE
    wants, is used to getting HIS WAY, and YOU better get out of HIS way,
    hopefully will be revealed to voters, and they will 'get it', before
    the election..
    I am a Latina, from Garcetti's District, a woman, and I am voting for Wendy Greuel, based on many very bad experiences with Eric Garcetti!

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  • Electoral race resembles a prehistoric battle for the fire. Each of the contestants will do anything to win. Pathetic …

  • Awex Ather

    I have not read though watch the “Story of Venice” but im looking forward to know the story behind.