The LA angle on Frank Lloyd Wright

“Never Built” is a fascinating new show at the A&D Museum in mid-Wilshire featuring fabulous, sometimes visionary plans for Southern California that never happened. As part of KCRW’s Design and Architecture coverage, we produced this four part  series  on some of the most fascinating projects that were never built. 

Frank Lloyd Wright - Olive Hill (Barnsdall Park)Falling Water is multi-level masterpiece nestled into the lush green woods of western Pennsylvania; it’s truly in tune with its surroundings. That’s a signature of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. And you kinda can’t help but think that LA’s diverse landscape would have been an incredible palette for him to work. But even though Wright lived and worked in LA, neither he –  nor his son Lloyd for that matter – ever really created anything quite as memorable here. That’s especially surprising considering how wide open the city was when Wright arrived.

Frank Lloyd Wright came to Los Angeles in the 1920’s, and he and his son designed some wildly imaginative schemes for our city. But even with rich and powerful patrons like Aline Barnsdall and Huntington Hartford, none were ever built. What stopped the man regarded as the world’s greatest modern architect from building a Johnson Wax or Guggenheim in our backyard?

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The show runs July 28th through October 13th at the A&D Museum. 

Frank Lloyd Wright - Huntington Hartford Sports Club
Frank Lloyd Wright: Huntington Hartford Sports Club
Lloyd Wright - Civic Center
Lloyd Wright: Plans for a never built Los Angeles Civic Center

Thanks to Caitlin Borzi for production assistance.