KCRW wants to answer your questions about oil

What do you wonder about oil production and extraction in California? We want to answer them!

One year ago, a corroded pipe operated by Plains All-American burst along the Gaviota Coast, a pristine coastline west of Santa Barbara. It released a river of crude oil into a creek that empties into the ocean at Refugio State Beach.

The beach may be cleaned up, but the story of the Refugio oil spill is not over.

On Tuesday, June 14th, join KCRW’s Jonathan Bastian as he leads a lively discussion with local environmental and oil experts on major issues like criminal and civil liability, wildlife restoration, pipeline regulation and the future of oil production along the Central Coast.

What questions do you want answered?

KCRW wants to answer your questions about oil

What questions do you still have about oil production in California? Ask your questions here. We’ll investigate.